TOPdesk Preparations

The following steps are necessary to make sure that TOPdesk can communicate with the Outlook Room Booker for TOPdesk. We use the TOPdesk API  to communicate with TOPdesk, this API is managed by TOPdesk and can be used for all kinds of transactions.

TOPdesk supports so called ‘Action Sequences’ and ‘Events’. With these functions it will be possible to inform the Outlook Resource Booker when something has changed in TOPdesk.

Setup application password

Please follow the TOPdesk procedure to create a App Password:

TOPdesk Operator Account

A TOPdesk operator account with sufficient rights to be able to execute the following API calls:

  1. Reservations
  2. Reading Locations
  3. Read Cancelation reasons
  4. Reading Persons

The image below shows the required rights for the operator account.

TOPdesk Person Account

Beside the operator account a person who is allowed to make bookings inside of TOPdesk. This account may be a standard users account.

Room mappings

Only the rooms that are mapped between Exchange and TOPdesk will be synchronized. This mapping will be maintained in TOPdesk. Please check the following page on how to set up the room mappings in TOPdesk.

ORB Appointment Matching

For the ORB we need a field on the reservation in TOPdesk. We will use this to speed up the Matching System between appointments between TOPdesk and Exchange. Use the following link the find the preparations for this field.

Email Addresses

Individuals who wish to be able to reserve rooms must also have their Exchange mail address in TOPdesk under the contact details. This also applies if there are External people.

Technical Environment

Please make sure your TOPdesk and Exchange environment have the following versions installed / modules enabled:

  • TOPdesk Version
    • On-Premise – February Release 2018 and Higher
    • SaaS (always supported)
  • TOPdesk Modules
    • Action Management
    • Reservations Management
    • Property Management
  • Microsoft Exchange
    • On-Premise / Hybrid – 2013 SP1 >
    • Office365 (always supported)

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