TOPdesk – Introduction ORB

By using the bi-directional Outlook Room Booking Connector for TOPdesk, booking rooms either from TOPdesk or from Outlook are both possible.

The Connector keeps both environments up-to-date. It reduces no-shows, better manage mismatches and/or keep rooms unavailable after cancellation simply by avoiding the need to plan in two systems. All of this to be in control.

Functionality Matrix

The functionality matrix below gives an overview of all the ORB supported possibilities, this is based on the most recent version.

Introduction [NL]

In 20 minutes we introduce our Outlook Room Booker! At this moment only in Dutch, we’re working hard to setup an English version.

Basic Use Case

This basic use case shows:

  1. Create booking from Outlook/Exchange to TOPdesk 08:00 – 08:30
    1. Receive a Email about the booking and use the self service link to add services
  2. Change the time of the meeting in the self service portal to 09:00 – 09:30
    1. Receive a Email about the change
  3. Cancel the meeting in Outlook
    1. Receive Email about the cancellation
  4. Show that the meeting has been cancelled (and is not visible anymore) in Outlook and TOPdes

Being in control!

We know the happy flow is our main concern, but what happens when a booking isn’t synchronized? Via our Qixium ORB dashboard we keep you up-to-date regarding failed bookings. Think of bookings that did cause a conflict (because something was already booked in Outlook and/or TOPdesk). You need to have insights on these bookings and know what has failed or what was an exceptions.