We bought the ORB and what’s next?

We’ve bought the Outlook Room Booker and what will be next?

1. TOPdesk will submit the Outlook Room Booker subscription request to Scope4mation

2. The customer can use the Checklist to gather all needed information

3. Scope4mation will implement the Outlook Room Booker

4. In a 2nd session we will:

  • Verify the process with the customer
  • Verify the scenario with X test Room(s) (and run this for X days)
  • Customers verifies and confirms correct working of the ORB
  • Scope4mation Enables the Outlook Room Booker for all defined Rooms (in sheet) and start the ORB
  • Customer will sign-off the implementation (via email, confirmation is enough)

5. Scope4mation will inform TOPdesk that the implementation is finished