Is it difficult to implement the ORB?

Good question!

Organisation Maturity level

Since we make use of your organisations Exchange and TOPdesk environment this could be a challenge….

We need to gain insights to know how difficult this could be to implement this within your organisations environment but also on factors like the size of your scheduling department or the amount of rooms that needs to be synchronised. It also depends on your organisations project requirements.


The ORB needs to fit into your current way of working, or maybe we need to introduce a different way of working. This process step can take some time to embed in your organisation.


Since the technical difficulty lies mostly in Exchange (there are a lot of ‘sub flavours’ besides the choice for Office365 and Exchange) we’re depending on your Exchange maturity level (or your service providers) and this could take some time. TOPdesk is most of the time not the problem, only the version is very important (API and functionality support).


Based on all of the above and our level of guidance and involvement this will determine the consultancy days needed (besides the fixed setup price we handle to configure all the technical paramaters and to make the ORB to be implemented). We try to be as clear as possible on this, from an early stage.

If you have any question(s) or would like to know more, please get in touch with us via chat (left corner below) or via contact page.