Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve collected as much questions as possible and answered them below! If your question is not listed, please let us know via the chat (left corner below).

Last Updated: 3/07/2020 15:20


Q: What is the difference between ORB in the cloud and on-premise?
A: Please find an overview here!

Q: Why do we use Outlook Impersonation and why is it mandatory?
A: Please find our motivation here!

Q: We’ve got a load balancer in our network, is this blocking? 

A: This could be blocking.

The Outlook Room Booker trigger system from Exchange to the Outlook Room Booker makes use of Streaming notifications. Interference of a loadbalancer or similar solutions can interrupt the stream. Please read the documentation provided by Microsoft carefully.

Q: What are the technical limitations of this scenario?
A: Please find our motivation here!

Q: Where can I find the release notes and what is the latest ORB version?
A: The most recent ORB version is version 3.2.7, release notes can be found here (pdf file format).

Q: Which TOPdesk modules are required?

  1. Action Management
  2. Property Management
  3. Reservation Managemet


Q: Is it difficult to implement?
A: This strongly depends on your organisations quality and maturity’s level, more information can be found here.

Q: Room Only vs Room Only/Person bookings, what’s the difference?
A: We explain it here.

Q: Do we need a processor agreement (GDPR)?
A: Yes, when installed as SaaS you need a processor agreement (we provide our version).

Q: What data is being processed by the ORB?
A: We’ve summarised it here.

Q: Do you support recurring bookings?
A: At this moment we only support recurring bookings from Outlook to TOPdesk. the bookings are being registered as single meetings. If you schedule a recurring booking in TOPdesk, this will not be synchronised to Exchange.

Q: What happens if a conflict occurs?
A: If we find a conflict, we will register this and inform you via our ORB dashboard.

Q: Can you update a meeting with services attached?
A: No, this is not possible. You will receive a mail which will inform you that you will need to update the meeting by hand.

Q: Do you support multi-room bookings?
A: No, (at this moment) we do not support this.

Q: What happens when a scenario occurs which is not supported?
A: We try to inform you as much as possible, besides this we present the (known) unsupported scenarios in our ORB dashboard (exclusions).

Q: We have our own test scripts and procedure, can we use this?
A: Yes, no problem, but you need to follow our guidelines during the implementation proces. This also includes our ORB Test Matrix, this needs to be accepted before you go-live. During the implementation we will provide this to you.


Q: We’ve bought the ORB via TOPdesk and what’s next?
A: A complete list can be found here.