Room Mapping preparations and configuration

For the solution to know which room in Exchange belongs to which room in TOPdesk a mapping is configured with each room that needs to be included in the synchronisation. We first need to tell TOPdesk that we need extra custom fields in which we can store this information.

  1. Inside of TOPdesk go to settings
    1. Select Module settings
    2. Open the Property Management menu
    3. Select Optional fields
    4. Select Room
  2. Configure the field like pictured below

IMPORTANT! If two free text fields need to be added , after configuring this, TOPdesk will need to be restarted to have the configuration activated.

  1. The following information needs to be shared with Scope4mation:
    1. Which optional fields tab is used (1 or 2)
    2. Which two text field numbers are used
  2. The image below shows a new tab when selecting a room in TOPdesk. The first is “Exchange Room” (the name of the room) and the second and most important one is “Exchange Mail” (the Primary SMTP mail address of the room)

All rooms that need to be included in the synchronisation need to have this configured!