Outlook Room Booker (ORB)

The best broker for exchanging your Microsoft Exchange/Online and Office365 room bookings!

ORB can synchronise all your Outlook room bookings with your organisations booking applications (and vice-versa)!

It keeps track of all bookings and assists planners, personal assistants, receptionists (and other people who schedule) to manage this easily and to be in control of status and other important insights. Think of issues that are being solved: no more double bookings, less till no no-shows and much more!

ORB is here to help you and your organisation to be in control of all your room bookings!

Outlook Room Booker for TOPdesk

Qixium ORB

Qixium ORBi

This is your primary resource for everything you need to know about the Outlook Room Booker for TOPdesk.

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We use forms to exchange information, this could be about feasibility, intake and/or go-live!

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New to the ORB for TOPdesk? Use this as your starting point! Watch our intro [NL] and in 20 minutes we got you informed!

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Implementation Checklist

Are you ready to implement the ORB? We’ve defined all the steps here….

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve collected as much questions as possible and answered them here!

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Outlook Room Booker is developed by Scope4mation and part of our Qixium solution family. Qixium Connect is a full featured data processor and uses scenarios. Visit Qixium.com for more information!

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